Sunday, 4 January 2009

Errore numero Quindici– Plurale E > I

This type of mistake occurs so frequently that it should really be placed at number one.
The plural of words ending in E is always with an I, except for foreign words or words ending with an accent, for instance:

Il caffè (singolare)

I caffè (plurale)

To form the plural of a word ending in E, you need to replace the E with an I, for example:

È un mio parente
He is a relative of mine

Sono miei parenti
They are relatives of mine

The majority of students forget this rule, especially when it comes to agreements:

Mela verde (singolare)

Mele verdi (plurale)

Casa grande (singolare)

Case grandi (plurale)

Allora ricordate, il plurale dei sostantivi (nomi) e degli aggettivi che terminano in E si forma con la I!

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