Friday, 3 October 2008

Errore numero sette - Uso e abuso di ANCHE

Anche is an interesting word, in that it does translate as also, but English speakers tend to overuse it.

It is WRONG to put ANCHE at the beginning of the sentence:

ANCHE ho fatto una bella torta (sbagliato!)

Whenever ALSO means “In addition” or “furthermore”, ANCHE needs to go in second or third position:

Ho ANCHE fatto una bella torta


Ho fatto ANCHE una bella torta

ALSO could be translated with INOLTRE, which can go at the beginning of the sentence, but inoltre is a bit more formal than anche:

Inoltre ho comprato una macchina = also (in addition) I bought a car

Ho anche comprato una macchina nuova - I also bought a car

The only exception to the rule of NEVER placing anche at the beginning of the sentence is as follow:

Anche Maria รจ simpatica (Maria too is nice)

Anch’io studio Italiano (I too study Italian)

Anche i bambini lo sanno (children too know it)

In another words, anche can be put at the beginning of a sentence when it is followed by a name (Maria), a subject pronoun (io), or a noun (i bambini).


Sometimes anche doesn't mean also:

Anche se sto male, vado a lavorare

Even though I’m unwell, I go to work

In that case, it is correct to put it at the beginning of a sentence

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