Saturday, 8 January 2011

Un commento di Aidan Marks

Pubblico un commento inviatomi da Aidan Marks, che mi ha contattato dopo aver letto il mio libro in Australia. Lo ringrazio caldamente per le sue parole di apprezzamento.

> I just finished reading your book, 50 Ways to Improve Your Italian and
> wanted to thank you for putting together a clear and concise reference
> that answered many of the questions that have come up during my first
> year of Italian study, especially the more subtle ones.
> Additionally, I would like to mention that you were able to explain
> certain things that even our experienced native teacher (who speaks very
> fluent english for over 25 years) could not. I suspect that your high
> proficiency in english had a lot to do with it.
> Naturally I will be recommending your book to others in my class here in
> Sydney, Australia. I hope that you plan to continue formalising more of
> your knowledge and experience into future books. Just in the area of
> grammar alone, I have five of them written in english and none of them
> are very satisfactory. It is a constant game to find answers.
> Once again, thank you for taking the time to put this book together.

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