Friday, 23 April 2010

Sul tema delle bistecche

My students often ask me how to order a rare, medium, well cooked or “pink inside” steak.

“Pink inside” is not something we would normally say in Italian, but if you really would prefer to have a "pink-inside” steak, say: “rosa dentro” or “scottata” (literally, scolded).

However, bear in mind that generally there are only three different ways of classifying the state of cooking of a steak: if you want a well cooked one, ask for “una bistecca ben cotta", if you'd like it medium, say “media” o “media cottura”, if you'd like it rare, ask for "una bistecca al sangue”.

Of course if you’d rather have something more nuanced and the waiter is sympathetic to your linguistic plight, you are free to use: poco/quasi/abbastanza/molto (little/almost/quite/much) as required, for instance:

non troppo (ben) cotta not too well done

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