Sunday, 3 January 2010

Quando si usa "basta"?

The word “basta” means “it is enough/sufficient” and is a form of the verb bastare (the third person singular) used:

1) in impersonal sentences:

Per dimagrire
non basta mangiare di meno, bisogna anche fare più attività fisica
In order to lose weight it isn’t enough to eat less, one also need to do more exercise

2) In imperative sentences (ie, to ask people to be quiet or put an end to something):

- Basta, state zitti!
That’s enough, be quiet!

- Basta parlare dell’incidente, cambiamo discorso
Enough talking about the accident, let’s change the subject

3) It can also mean “on condition that”:

Mangia quello che vuoi, basta che non esageri
Eat what you like, on condition that you don’t eat too much

4) Finally, it is used to say what somebody needs or has to do in order for something else to happen:

Mi basta andare al cinema per divertirmi
It is enough for me to go to the cinema to enjoy myself

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