Monday, 2 March 2009

Errore numero ventidue - quando non bisognerebbe usare l'articolo assieme al possessivo

Remember that the article is not needed with posessives used in connection with "singular" members of the family, example:

MIA madre ha molti amici
My mother has many friends

MIO fratello legge molto
My brother reads a lot


LA mia zia di Capri ha una bellissima casa
My aunt from Capri ha a beautiful house

In the above sentence the article (LA) is required because we are adding more information about the person concerned: we are qualifying MIA ZIA by saying that she is from Capri (DI CAPRI).

Other example:

MIA SORELLA ama la musica classica
My sister loves classical music


LA MIA sorella maggiore รจ in Spagna
My eldest sister is in Spain

Again, we are qualifying the word sorella with the word maggiore, and for that reason the article is required

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