Friday, 6 February 2009

Errore numero venti - I possessivi

A common mistake is to use a possessive adjective (MIO, TUO, etc.) when it should actually be left out:

I have lost my wallet
Ho perso il portafogli

I haven’t done my homework
Non ho fatto i compiti

He is losing his hair
Sta perdendo i capelli

Do not use possessives together with parts of the body or things that clearly can only be yours or belong to you, such as homework, umbrellas, driving licenses, passports etc.

Should there be any confusion as to whom an item belongs to, then the possessives is to be used:

I have lost my mum’s umbrella
Ho perso l’ombrello di mia madre

I have lost her umbrella
Ho perso il suo ombrello

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